How Priyanka became a Completely new Person with Clapingo

Unlocking Confidence and Conquering Language Barriers – Priyanka’s Triumph at Clapingo Sets the Stage for Future Success.

Priyanka Katariya

Gurugram, Haryana

From Struggles to Success: Priyanka with Clapingo


Priyanka has now become a completely new person and runs a YouTube channel with confidence!!

Priyanka's Journey to English Fluency at Clapingo

The Challenge: Priyanka's Tough Start with English

Priyanka had a hard time with English when she started at Clapingo. Even with a master’s degree, she found grammar, speaking confidently, and talking in public difficult. She wanted to speak English as well as someone born speaking it. She often made grammar mistakes and felt nervous speaking in front of others. Her Clapingo teacher helped her a lot. She got better by practicing a lot and getting advice just for her.

Growing Confident: Getting Better Step by Step

Priyanka improved a lot in her classes. She went from talking about easy things like herself to having more difficult chats about food, health, philosophy and social media. She didn’t just talk about more things, but she also spoke better and more smoothly. She became more comfortable talking.

The Present: Big Changes

Priyanka had changed a lot. She can talk easily about her favorite foods, healthy eating, and social media. She is much better at using new words, saying them correctly, and sharing her ideas clearly. This is a huge change from how she was before, showing how much better she got at speaking English.

A Future with Many Opportunities

Priyanka’s time at Clapingo shows that working hard and getting good help can lead to great things. She went from struggling to speak to talking about many topics confidently. Her story is very inspiring. As she gets ready for her UGC NET exam and takes on new challenges, Priyanka is a great example of how to overcome language problems and reach your goals.

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