How Aditya became a Completely new Person with Clapingo

Unlocking Confidence and Conquering Language Barriers – Aditya’s Triumph at Clapingo Sets the Stage for Future Success.

Aditya Deshmukh

Raigad, Maharashtra

From Struggles to Success: Aditya with Clapingo


Aditya was able to crack an air traffic controller interview with confidence.

Aditya's Journey to English Fluency at Clapingo

First Steps: Aditya's Beginning

Aditya, a student from Rigard, Maharashtra, started his Clapingo sessions with a clear goal. He was preparing for an air traffic controller exam and needed to improve his English for the interview part. Although Aditya was good at his studies, speaking English fluently was a challenge for him.

Progressing Steadily: Focusing on Goals

During his sessions at Clapingo, Aditya worked hard on his speaking skills. He shared his dreams of becoming an air traffic controller and his love for aviation. His teachers helped him talk about his interests, like flying and managing air traffic. This made learning English more fun and connected to his goals.

A Big Leap: Gaining Confidence

As Aditya continued his lessons, he became more confident in speaking English. He started expressing his thoughts more clearly and without hesitating. His improved English skills made him feel ready for his air traffic controller interview. Aditya also talked about his hobbies, like playing the tabla, which made his sessions more enjoyable.

Looking Ahead: Ready for New Challenges

Aditya’s journey with Clapingo was about more than just learning English; it was about preparing for his future career. He showed that with focus and practice, anyone can improve and reach their goals. Now, Aditya feels more prepared for his job interview and excited about his future as an air traffic controller. He keeps practicing English, ready for the new challenges ahead.

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